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Mini Trampoline Fitness

The whole point of jumping on a trampoline is to have fun! There's oodles of scientific research on the benefits, but most notably NASA calls it "the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man" due to the extra gravitational force that the trampoline pad adds. But that was back in the 80's... wait till you see what we've done to the workout now!

  • 100%fun
  • 30,000+attendees per month
  • 3 timesmore effective
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All About ((B))

  • What We Do

    Performed on mini trampolines, ((B)) Fitbody™ makes exercise fun with choreographed dance routines. ((B)) improves weight loss 3 times quicker than floor based workouts due to opposing gravity and added g-force.

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  • Our Classes

    We've designed various different styles of ((B)) Fitbody™ classes, catering to all ages and fitness interests. With venues across the globe and various different program styles, you can choose a session that works for you.

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  • Our Instructors

    Our instructors are welcoming, wild and totally focused on creating a friendly atmosphere. At ((B)) we inspire you to feel motivated and excited to exercise as part of our #bouncearmy.

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  • Boutique

    ((B)) Fitbody™ is famous for our bold and bright leggings. They don't just look amazing, they're comfortable and durable. Exclusive to ((B)), these designer leggings are utter perfection.

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  • Supporting MacMillan

    Working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support means that a portion of our special events goes directly to Macmillan, caring for those living with cancer and their families.

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  • Become an Instructor

    Make ((B)) your living! Book our training course to learn everything you need to become an amazing instructor. We offer teaching positions or franchise your own studio and have a fun, lucrative work/life balance.

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