((BOUNCE))™ & Macmillan

Macmillan Cancer Support

At ((BOUNCE))™ we are serious about community spirit and cultivating an empowering environment for all. So when Macmillan asked us to partner up, we literally jumped at the chance and put together a plan to donate a portion of every place to this amazing charity. Initially we set a target to raise £5,000, but with the dedication of our participants and franchisees committed to the cause, we raised a total of £17,239 in the first 12 months! These funds now come predominately from our special events such as the incredible Bodyworkshop sessions. Let the donations continue!

((BOUNCE))™ Founder and Director Kimberlee says:

“Our franchisees were very driven in their decision to support this special charity because everyone knows that Macmillan works tirelessly to support people living with cancer and their families. There are so many facilities in every county of the UK offering medical support, emotional support and financial grants - and there are so many ((BOUNCE)) classes too, so the little bit of money we donate individually pools together to inevitably go a long way reaching deep into local communities".

With 1 in every 2 people in the UK affected by cancer, Macmillan is there to ensure that living with this disease means living with support. ((BOUNCE))™ is honoured to make a contribution on your behalf. Thank you #bouncearmy. 

For further information or to donate more click here.