((B)) Fitbody™

What we do

((B)) Fitbody fitness classes are high intensity, low impact workouts performed on mini trampolines. The atmosphere is FUN FRIENDLY and FIERCE making the time spent in class welcoming, sociable, and seriously effective for everyone... if you can jump, you can join! Offering a full body workout via various concept classes listed below, there is a session type to suit every fitness interest and by the way: we're 'child friendly' so that means you can bring children along if you need to. When you know that bouncing with ((B)) is 3 times more effective than floor based fitness due to extra gravity and g-force, you can't really look past a ((B)) Fitbody class!.

((B)) Fitbody™

Our original 1 hour class features the first 45 mins of dance-choreographed cardio jumping to burn calories fast and finishes with 15 minutes of muscle toning lying on the trampolines. Sessions are programmed to achieve rapid weight loss by burning around 700 calories per class!

((B)) Blast

Our shorter 45 minute session is for those who don't want an hour workout but still want intensity - so we incorporate the optional use of hand weights (provided at the studio or you're welcome to bring your own) with a focus on the upper body to tone the arms and create strong, lean, shoulders back and chest. 

((B)) Balance

Our unique bodyflow class on trampolines includes elements of yoga and pilates highlighting strength, tone and flexibility. This challenging session is full of balancing, hold and contracting moves to test core strength while still incorporating bouncing routines - ideal for anyone who likes a little zen.

((B)) Bootcamp

Our circuits-based class sees you move between pre-set trampoline stations of plyometric and isometric exercises.Think: jump-squats, planks, burpees, press ups, sit-ups, all done utilising trampolines. It’s NOT choreography or dance-based, but much more like a group session with your P.T.

((B)) Beats

Our percussion based workout that uses drumsticks to add extra focus attacking the arms. The moves are simplified and routines are performed on top of the trampoline, around the trampoline, lying, sitting and hitting the trampoline like a drum! The style of music is carnivalé style making this class joyful, wild and free. 

((B)) Barbells

This strength and conditioning based class incorporates barbells and weight plates to really intensify your workout. We'll perform floor-based choreographed routines, with a high rep count and medium/low level weights. This class is for anyone looking to feel the burn. 

((B)) Bambino

Trampoline fitness for kids only! Aimed at children aged 4 - 10 years these energetic sessions feature basic jumping routines to fun music and incorporate games like musical statues, relays and ball games focusing on 'making fitness fun'. Improving co-ordination, balance and motor skills, boys and girls get fit, build confidence and learn teamwork. 

((B)) Blitz

This class is a fusion of all our class types listed above. Doing just a few tracks from each of our programmes, giving you a super varied and super intense workout.

Want a Bespoke Private Class? 

((B)) Fitbody classes can be tailor made to suit your occasion including Birthday parties, Hen do's, Corporate team building and School groups - any age or fitness level is welcome! You can dress up, we can incorporate your party theme or music style (80's anyone?) or simply ask us about our games-based sessions making fitness fun is our ultimate goal. For more information or to make a booking, fill in the form below.