((B)) Fitbody™ Benefits

Rapid Weight Loss

The trampoline adds extra Gravity and G-force to your workout which is exactly how weight loss is achieved 3 times faster than the same exercise performed on the ground. Train smart, exercise effectively!

Low Impact

((B)) Fitbody™ protects the joints by absorbing 87% of impact so if you've got joint issues such as bad knees, weak ankles or being heavily overweight or even recovering from an injury, this is a relevant form of exercise (always consult your doctor before trying a new workout to ensure its right for you). 

Strengthens Bones

Jumping on a trampoline encourages 'osteblasts' building the musculoskeletal system and stimulating bone growth by 25%. Restoring bone density and mineral content assists in the prevention of osteoporosis as we get older.

Detoxifying Exercise

Continuous jumping drains the body's lymphatic system of toxins including dead, cancerous and fatty cells, infection and waste. Pumping the lymphatic system to flush fatty deposits from laying dormant in the muscles and blood stream, ((B)) improves the immune system and detoxifies the body.

Improved Co-ordination

((B)) develops skills requiring multiple concentration: jumping, balancing, speed and intensity whilst maintaining the body’s core position and anticipating the next move. It is linked to improving balance and co-ordination by up to 70% after only 6 sessions.

Cardiovascular Fitness

The simple effort of jumping, means oxygen is pumped around the body more efficiently. This lowers blood pressure cholesterol and decreases the risk of coronary heart disease, strengthening the heart, lungs and respiratory system.

Reduces cellulite

((B)) reduces the appearance of cellulite which is a type of fat stored and minimised predominately by lymphatic flow. As rebounding is the master of lymph exercise, it increases circulation to the lower part of your body and our participants report and obvious improvement with regular attendance.